Coming to London/UK in 2021: badly behaved movie nights for impolite queers.

TOKEN HOMO is gearing up for an (ir)regular series of queer horror film screenings in London in 2021.

As with this blog, the focus will be on creating a friendly & welcoming queer horror space for all kinds of queer, cult & curious horror cinema (& all kinds of queer, cult & curious horror cinema fans!).

The film programme will follow a path less well travelled (although I might throw in a few mainstream queer/horror classics along the way…). Venue(s) TBC.

Follow @tokenhomo on Instagram for news & updates. I’ll also be putting out movie polls & inviting comment on the kind of film nights you queers would like to attend.

Stay tuned!

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Main featured image: THUNDERCRACK! (d. Curt McDowell, 1975), A TOKEN HOMO favourite film that may or not get shown…