I’m the host of BAR TRASH at Genesis Cinema, and co-host of QUEER HORROR NIGHTS with my wonderful friends at Last Frame Film Club. Together, we create genre cinema events to help illuminate the darkness.

My love affair with genre cinema started young with an illicit purchase of 3 unapologetic shockers from a VHS rental library fire sale – EXORCIST, TEXAS CHAIN SAW, and EVIL DEAD.

Watching badly-behaved genre movies has become my ritual of rebellion. As Blossom Lefcourt puts it when writing about the big-busted movies of Doris Wishman:

“I believe the true reason I watch and enjoy Wishman is for the simple fact that I’m not supposed to. She is a private rebellion, ironically found within the realm of filmmaking that I am supposed to be rebelling against.”

Blossom Lefcourt (2).

I have a lifelong fascination with exploitation films that are unafraid to tread their own path, the DIY filmmakers who shot them, and the exhibitors who were bold enough to show them. My ‘Token Homo’ name was inspired by prolific queer auteur David DeCoteau’s background in the American exploitation industry:

“I was sort of the ‘token homo’ in the business, & most of the day I’d be filming naked women and crashing cars.”

David DeCoteau (3).

If you’ve lost interest in mainstream cinema, feel trapped in the echo chamber of ‘good taste’, or simply want to see a curious film with fine company, I hope to see you at one of our events soon.


READING (between the lines…)

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